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Tantra at its finest

Welcome to the Rose Lounge!

We offer sensual tantric massage for men, women and couples in a beautiful ambience, located between Cologne and Dusseldorf. An experienced massage team welcomes you.

The Rose Lounge is Tantra at its finest:
Professionalism, heartfulness, erotic and attractive masseuses.

Erotic massages for men, women and couples: Introductory massage for newcomers, body to body, Massage with one or two masseuses, intimate massages – yoni / lingam / prostate
Art of Tantra Touch - Sensually touching a woman

What is Tantra?
Tantra is a philosophy of life that worships the body and looks at sexual energy as a positive vitality. Tantra shows the path to self-love as a prerequisite for the ability to relate and be intimate.

What is a Tantric Massage and what is the difference to other types of massage?
An experienced masseuse massages your entire body, including the genital area, in awareness and sensitivity, In Tantra, the groin area, genitals, are seen as a sacred temple, which can be brought into connection to the divine energy. Yoni is the Tantric term for the female genitalia, and Lingam is the Tantric term for the penis. The masseuse is naked and wearing a small string throughout this sensual full body massage.
The attentive and loving touch will bring you more in touch with your own body.
The Tantra massage is not intentional. It creates a natural space for meeting, beyond the social ideas of sexuality, masculinity or femininity. You are invited to feel and show all the feelings and needs which may arise. This lets you discover yourself more deeply and through this meeting with yourself, a feeling of wholeness and content can emerge.
This sensual massage is not only a pleasure while you receive it, it also has a lasting effect in your life.

What does a Tantric Massage do?
Through an authentic Tantra massage, new spaces can be expanded and perhaps issues in relationship may be opened. It often happens in a relationship, that both partners are not satisfied, yet do not feel able to speak openly about it or make a change. Here, a Tantra massage is an inspiring opportunity to make such a change.

For the man:
The Tantra massage is helpful for premature ejaculation or issues with impotence, because the erection arises from the relaxation. In relaxation the blood flows for an erection, in the 'inlet arteries', and this does not happen by will, strength or effort.
A prostate massage as part of a Tantra massage is a unique experience for most men. It gives many men a heightened sexual pleasure, and their stimulation is also a cure. It prevents against prostate cancer and leads the man into a deep physical and mental relaxation.

For the woman:
The woman is supported by a Tantra massage to develop her sexual experience, and to become more free to recognize her needs. In the relaxation, a deep satisfaction occurs on a physical, emotional and energetic level.
Even in pregnancy a Tantra massage is a soothing relaxation.
Young mothers often have difficulties after birth, and Tantric massage helps them to rediscover their sexuality, where they may find it difficult to accept themselves with physical changes, or to no longer be able to experience pleasure. Tantric massage is a portal into a sensual, healing world for the body and soul.

Being touched is the gateway to our heart.
Charla Hathaway